The Yoga tradition uses and reinforces devotion as a way of awakening, through the use of sacred chanting (kirtan, bhajan, mantra) coupled with the unfathomable silence it reveals, giving access to altered states of consciousness described as meditative, hypnotic, ecstatic...

We begin each circle with a time of guided meditation, harmonization and interiority.

We will sing Sanskrit mantras (mantras composed by Surya and other mantras from India), Latin American medicine songs, French, Spanish, English, Hebrew, and Sufi songs.

Bhajans are a great tool to raise the vibration very quickly, and powerful keys to connect with the Divine.

They are an opportunity to unite, to vibrate and to work together for Peace, Freedom, Joy, Harmony and the blossoming of Love on Earth ....

Les Mantras

Mantras are my life.

It is my life, so much they are an integral part of me, of my daily life, of my prayers, and of my intimate spiritual life.

Mantras for me are a door to the divine.

Mantras are prayers.

Prayers of the Superior Being.

They are access codes to the Presence.

They are as many telephone numbers to call the Divine and communicate with Him in his heart.

It is an extraordinary tool of Communion. Mantras are the connection to my roots, to my masters, to my guides, to my origins.

Mantras are an invocation and a blessing.

A prayer and a celebration.

A surrender and an enpowerment.

It is nectar of bliss flowing over us.

It is multi-orgasms of Consciousness,

It is the Enjoyment of Being.


"A great moment of joy and fraternal sharing, full of fire that reanimates our hearts and makes us want to spread it."

"Surya puts all her devotional energy to the service of the song and it vibrates strongly!

Sharing such beautiful vibrations in a circle makes the heart happy".


To find oneself to sing the Sacred, to listen, to be crossed by the vibrations of sounds coming from the heart

connects me to the Divine, sometimes to the point of ecstasy.

I leave filled with the joy, the playfulness and the solar energy of Surya, who gives her all and with great generosity in her circles.


The Bhajans that Florian offers are a wonderful opportunity for collective singing and connection. Singing together and vibrating with joy and love in different forms, reminding us that there is an eternal space of joy and that this space is always within each of us.

Thank you for your invitations Flow ❤️-Yannis

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